05 Dec 2023

APIKUR prepared to meet, implement solutions to resume exports


December 5, 2023

Key Points:

  • Seeking prompt resumption of oil exports, APIKUR calls for mutually agreeable solutions that uphold its member companies’ rights.

  • APIKUR companies remain ready to meet with stakeholders and implement solutions.

APIKUR is aware of reports of recent meetings between officials from the Government of Iraq (GoI) and the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) and representatives of International Oil Companies (IOCs).  However, APIKUR member companies—which represent the majority of the oil produced by IOCs in Kurdistan—have neither been included in these meetings nor been invited to participate in any future meetings between the KRG and GoI.

APIKUR member companies remain confident that their existing contracts are legally binding and enforceable; however, we believe concrete solutions can be implemented immediately that will satisfy all parties, protect the contractual rights of the IOCs and enable the resumption of oil exports from the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

APIKUR remains ready to engage with all parties to progress these solutions for the benefit of all Iraqis.

“Sanctity of contracts and clearly defined methods of past and future payments are essential for the resumption of full oil production and export by APIKUR member companies,” said Myles B. Caggins III, APIKUR spokesman. “APIKUR members are ready to meet with GoI and KRG officials; continued delays only harm the economic livelihood of all Iraqis.”


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APIKUR’s objective and purpose is to promote the KRI as an attractive destination for international oil and gas companies, service providers and investors. In addition, APIKUR aims to advocate for and represent the common interests of its members, function as a joint and effective voice towards all relevant stakeholders whether in the KRI, or elsewhere, and provide a forum for its members to share appropriate public industry information and best practices.


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